110: Gamergate Widows

In this episode we finally investigate and uncover Matt Lees’s intense hatred of widows, a full woman-blasting fury so all-consuming that he even hates windows, both for sounding a bit like “widows” and for allowing widows to look through walls, something Matt believes they should not be allowed to do, considering what they are.

Gav also tells the story of how he first met Log, and Steve provides the floundering #gamergate movement with some out of context audio ammunition. Eat it up, sucka.

107: Lazy Compilation Special

Well crumbs and titties, it turns out that Team Features couldn’t get together to record a podcast this week, and now, without our combined energies to stabilise it, the power crystal at the heart of our fortress shines wanly. It’s wan as balls and no mistake.

To appease the podcast spirits and rejuvenate our withered life force we’ve instead put together a very spesh compilation episode made up of features from the past. That’s right, when we repeat features and contravene the founding rules of our own podcast, we really go for it.