115: Let’s Go To The Phones

Lift up your jumper and slap your belly to the beat of the rhythm of heart of the night, because it’s a one-off voicemail special that’s all about YOU.

That’s right! YOU, the READER, are the star of the show as we read out the voicemail messages you left on our website not seven months ago. Did you think we’d forgotten about that? Hah, no way! Have some faith, we’re beginning to think you doubting Jennies don’t deserve our magical one-off voicemail specials.

114: The Fast And The Failurious

What do Log and Steve both have in common with the friendly and hard-working bee? Well, just like the bee, both Steve and Log cannot drive a car to any sort of standard that the law would term “basically competent”. Also like a bee, Steve and Log can only sting you once before dying. :(

In this motoring special, Steve recounts the story of how he failed his first driving test, while Log presents a revealing exposé of the special class for murderous speed freaks he was required to attend in order to avoid having points on his licence.

Matt, having sadly not received the memo, does a feature about bees.

113: The GameCity 2014 Live Show

“Who wants a Ding Dong?!”

Haha! Classic Regular Features. But if you don’t know what a Ding Dong is or who’s offering you one or whether you want one, then you probably missed our GameCity live show last weekend. Luckily for YOU, we have recorded it on 2D soundribbon, ready to be barked back into a three dimensional noisewave by the speaker system of your choice.

What happened? Well, Log reunited the readers with some obscene and long lost friends, Steve cleared up precisely what happened when Roger Helmer visited a sex dungeon, Gav determined if the audience have a drinking problem while Matt measured jugs of our piss for science and entertainment.

112: An Indecent Chain Reaction

In this episode of the podcast that is called Regular Features, Steve fleshes out the Wikipedia entry for Chain Reaction, while Gav tells the story of a man whose flesh is out in Wales. Which one results in an anti-social behaviour order? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Log and Matt also contribute, heroically.