84: You’ve Got Mail

The Regular Features team, in what courts will agree is their most co-operative act yet, send a fake newsletter to Roger Helmer’s legion of UKIP followers. We’ll say it straight up now so as not to disappoint: it doesn’t arrive in their inboxes in time to make this episode the thrilling spectacle we had anticipated it might be. Log attempts to mitigate the boredom by playing a scratchcard AS LIVE. Can he succeed in rescuing the episode from the drudgery of increasingly bleak Gmail refreshes? You’ll have to listen to find out!

83: Lawsuit EU-rself

Steve puts off sending the email that will land the Regular Features team in prison by adding yet more libellous garnish to his Roger Helmer newsletter, while Log reviews the curious case of Mister Catty, the cat everybody is suing everybody else over. Mister Catty! Do you know how much trouble you have caused? MISTER CATTY ARE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION