117: Lazy Compilation Special 2

Sad news folks. Owing to an unavoidable technical glitch that made us all sound like dirty robots we’ve had to humanely destroy the *real* episode 117, so instead here’s a collection of classic features from the archives.

From episode 36, Gav’s story about a slurry pervert.
From episode 45, Steve and Log’s time travelling jokes.
From episode 8, Matt’s story about an island of Richards.

116: The Jurassic ECG Taxi Tirade

Matt fails to understand the science behind medical technology and tries to replace it with half-baked whimsy, Steve and Gav have an argument about the Jurassic World trailer that sort of stems from nowhere and doesn’t initially appear to be a proper feature, and Log pretends to be angry in the back of a taxi – ALL IN SEQUENCE FOR YOUR EAR-BASED PLEASURE.

115: Let’s Go To The Phones

Lift up your jumper and slap your belly to the beat of the rhythm of heart of the night, because it’s a one-off voicemail special that’s all about YOU.

That’s right! YOU, the READER, are the star of the show as we read out the voicemail messages you left on our website not seven months ago. Did you think we’d forgotten about that? Hah, no way! Have some faith, we’re beginning to think you doubting Jennies don’t deserve our magical one-off voicemail specials.